Thickness(mm) 4±0.1
Width(m) 1.2
Weight (kg/㎡) 4.5±0.3
Current Colors Available Tan - Grey
Hardness (Type D) 45º±3º
Specific Gravity (g/cm³) 1.45±0.2
Tensile Strength (MPA) 15±2
Elongation (%) 150±30
Max Shrinkage (60℃)% -0.3±0.1
Max Shrinkage (-40℃)% -0.2±0.1
QUV – Accelerated Weather 500 H

Product Description: SleekTeak is a resilient skid-resistance flexible marine rated PVC “synthetic teak” deck covering. SleekTeak is made of specially formulated flexible PVC. This durable material contains non-migrating plasticizers, the highest UV protection, and anti-fungal agents to ensure that SleekTeak will look great for a very long time. SleekTeak has no wood or cork content which would deteriorate over time.

Applications: Installation of new OEM synthetic teak, aftermarket marine teak decking or replacement for existing deck coverings.

Storage: Keep decking flat as it was received and keep clean and dust free.

Installation: Allow time for decking to relax. Remove the SleekTeak peel & stick adhesive, lay material in position press firmly into place.
Site Conditions: Storage of materials and work area need to be around the same temperature. If not allow material to sit in acclimate area for 1 hour.
Post installation: Allow decking to set with no traffic for 8 hours.
Occasional Cleaning: Do clean occasionally with just a nylon brush and water, or simply green general cleaners. Please be careful NOT to scrub across the grain.
Pressure Washing is a great way to get a deep clean with less of the “scrub”. Most domestic pressure washers can be used. Work along the planks in the direction of the grain for best results. A working height of around 10 to 20 inches should be sufficient.
For Stubborn Stains: For stubborn stains try a brush or a synthetic scouring pad. If it’s still not gone sand with 60 grit sandpaper, sand in the direction of the grain. This will lighten the surface, which will gradually blend back in with the surrounding decking.
Poultice Stain Remover: A simple and safe poultice can be made by mixing 1/4 cup of baking soda with just enough water to create a paste with the consistency of sour cream. The poultice should be spread over the entire stained area (and only the stained area) in 1/4″ layer then covered with plastic wrap.
Deck Repair: SleekTeak deck may gradually darken with age and may lose some of its graining structure, don’t worry! This is easily rectified as SleekTeak can be re-sanded just like a teak deck. Use 60 grit sandpaper and sand in line with the grain to bring back the color and the grain, in no time your deck will look like new. Do not apply any teak oils, deck brightening chemicals, or any other product designed for use on a teak or a wooden deck.
Do not use any acids, such as oxalis, phosphoric, hydrochloride, acetic or citric, to name just some of the ones found in cleaners.


Product Name Foam Double Sided
Product Model PVE102CG
Release Material PET release film liner
Item Unit Reference Value Experimental Method
Total thickness 1.2mm 1.1±0.1 GB/T7125
180° Peeling Force N /25mm ≥26 GB/T2792
80℃, 500g Retaining Force(25mm*25mm) Hr >72 GB/T4851
Temperature Resistance Long term℃ (-20)-150 /
Short term℃ (-20)-100 /
Material: Grey Foam
Adhesive Agent: Acrylic glue


1.Super adhesive, marine rated, can be applied to metal, glass, fiberglass, gelcoat, and most plastics and painted surfaces.

2. Non Migrating has strong resistance to static stress and dynamic stress. It can resist shock.

3.Top teir aging resistance, it can withstand high and low temperature, ultraviolet light, humidity, solvent, etc, it also has a certain isolation effect on the external environment.

Product Application:

1. Marine industry, electronics industry, advertising industry, hardware manufacturing, construction industry;

2.Solar photovoltaic industry, elevator applications.

Storage Condition:

Temperature 10 ° C to 28 ° C ,humidity 40% to 70%,keep the storage space away from humidity, dust, and direct sunlight.

Industry Accelerated Testing Report
Sleek Decking QUV Testing Report
Testing Standard:ASTM G154-06
Testing Time:Nov-Dec in 2023
Testing Conditions 1.Ultraviolet light exposure for 8 hours, light intensity 0.89W/㎡,temperature 60℃
Grade Variance 3-5 2.Condensation for 4 hours, no UV exposure, temperature 50℃
3.Cycle every 12 hours
Color Grey
Testing Time Original Sample After 200H After 500H
Testing results
Level Grade 5 Grade 4~5 Grade 4~5
Color Tan
Testing Time Original Sample After 200H After 500H
Testing results
Level Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5
Color Khaki-scrubbed surface
Testing Time Original Sample After 200H After 500H
Testing results
Level Grade 5 Grade 5 Grade 5
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