Effortless Peel & Stick Installation Marine Rated Backing

The world’s first peel-and-stick SleekTeak synthetic teak stands out with its unique advantages in terms of easy installation, cleanliness, and cost-effectiveness. This innovative approach redefines the synthetic teak industry by providing users with a user-friendly solution that maintains the quality and durability expected from traditional synthetic teak installations without the drawbacks of messy and time-consuming adhesive methods.
The game-changing feature of SleekTeak’s installation method mirrors the simplicity of EVA foam installation but offers a significantly improved outcome. In contrast to EVA tack adhesive, SleekTeak introduces a unique backing that sets it apart in terms of flexibility, durability, and overall performance.
SleekTeak’s unique backing is a pliable 1.2mm film, a thin and flexible material that distinguishes it from traditional adhesives. This film not only simplifies the installation process but also contributes to a much better overall result. The pliability of the film allows it to effortlessly mold around gelcoat nonslip divots and deck imperfections.

This molding capability is a crucial advantage, ensuring a strong and cohesive bond between SleekTeak and the underlying surface. The ability of the 1.2mm film to conform to the contours of the deck, including any divots or imperfections, results in a seamless and integrated appearance. This ensures that the synthetic teak adheres snugly to the deck, enhancing both the aesthetic and functional aspects of the installation.

Unlike EVA tack adhesive, SleekTeak’s pliable backing minimizes the risk of air pockets or uneven adhesion, providing a uniform and professional finish. The cohesive bond created by the molding action enhances the longevity and durability of the installation, offering a reliable solution for various marine and outdoor applications.

The peel-and-stick technology ensures a secure and reliable bond between the synthetic teak and the surface, maintaining the integrity of the installation over time. This eliminates concerns about adhesive failure or the need for frequent maintenance associated with traditional methods.

Additionally, the mess-free installation of peel-and-stick SleekTeak contributes to a cleaner and more convenient process. There is no need for specialized tools or adhesives that can create a mess during installation. Users can enjoy a hassle-free experience without the inconvenience of waiting for adhesives to cure or dealing with cleanup after installation.
The cost-effectiveness of peel-and-stick SleekTeak extends beyond the reduction in professional installation expenses. The simplified installation process means less labor time and effort, translating to overall cost savings for both suppliers and end-users.
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